Berlin Wall

What was the Berlin Wall and How Did It Fall?

Doors to several events in the past opened and closed swiftly that the next generations stay completely oblivious of such incidents. Many such unforgettable stories have been the vital pieces in the formation of history. Conspiracy theories about various organizations and their involvement in the current order of things have also been an integral part of the entire picture of the world. A major event marks every era, and the last century would always be known for the two World Wars that left a black mark on the face of humanity. Soviet Union and Nazis will never be forgotten over the next few centuries for the evil actions they have indulged in.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, was a territory that stood witness to many of the consequences, and it had to go through another major event that took place years after the World War- Fall of the Berlin Wall. Post Second World War, Germany got divided into four zones of occupation when the countries, including the US, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union were controlling these regions. Berlin was an exception where all the powers had equal control over the activities happening in the territory. The zone controlled by the US, French, and the British formed West Berlin and that controlled by the Soviet Union was East Berlin.


Berlin Wall and Its Fall

Cold War politics was being focused in Germany, leading to the division of Germany, which became more pronounced just as the division between East and West also did. When Germany got split into two in 1949, the East German government closed the border. The border between West and East Berlin was still open then with the East Germans escaping through the city to the more affluent and peaceful West. Rumors about measures being taken to close the border hit the East Germans badly in 1961, so they were forced to stay in their region.


By mid-August, a barbed-wire barrier was constructed around West Berlin to separate families overnight and divide neighborhoods. The wall slowly developed over the years after removing the wire, and the West region was guarded against being invaded by the East Germans. With over 302 watchtowers and several armed East German border guards patrolling the wall, instructions were given to shoot all people who were attempting to cross the wall.

Fall Politics

Political changes in Eastern Europe forced the East German government to lift some restrictions and loosed some regulations on travel to West Germany. On 9 November 1989, Gunter Schabowski, the East German spokesman, announced at a press conference that East Germany could freely travel to West Germany. He failed to read the whole set of regulations before announcing it, making a mistake of not clarifying the regulations that were to remain the same. The news spread all through the Western media, leading to flocks of people rushing to the checkpoints on either side of the wall. Many of them crossed unchecked and complete chaos set in. The wall fell five days after the incident, and it was only for the good that the Germans united for the betterment of the government.

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