A wall which was stood in between Berlin essentially dividing it, which was later demolished.


The demolition of the wall which occurred in November of 1991, which helped Germany and Berlin meet.


There was a lot of opinions, but eventually, the wall fell. Learn about the opposition in detail by clicking here.

The Partitioning of Berlin

Learn the history of Berlin, German and the wall which stood between them with the help of best historians.

Blockade and Crisis

We are trying to tell you the whole story of the rise of the wall as well as the crisis which surrounded it. We’ll later add a twitch video.

Building The Wall

A wall which took years to build and everything that it symbolises learn in detail with the help of our experts.

The Berlin Wall: 1961-1989

Get information about all the instances which led to the creation of the Berlin wall and instance which led to the destruction. Check also the Berlin wall timeline.



There are many who celebrate the fall of the wall of Berlin to help commemorate the end of separation from one another.

How It All Came To Be

Press conference

There is an annual press conference held where people are educated about the Berlin wall and its fall to help bring awareness among people.

25 Million



Parties Involved


Billions Of Money



The Berlin Wall

The Fall of the Wall

There is a lot of reason from freeing German to many other socio-political causes which led to the fall of Berlin. Learn all about the wall in detail, which will make sure that you understand everything about the wall.


A date is set every year in November where people gather to celebrate the fall of the wall.


The location is the Berlin wall which stands in the border of Berlin and Germany.


The primary purpose is to show people how unity can be superior and simple ways people can learn to grow.

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